Rice Cooker/Warmer 30 Cup

Rice Cooker/Warmer 30 Cup

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30 cup/ 60 bowls rice cooker and warmer, non-stick inner pot. This rice cooker cooks 30 cups of rice with ease and also keeps the rice warm automatically after cooking. With two functions in one, this is the ideal rice cooker for all settings. The added benefit of this cooker is that it has a non-stick inner pot that makes rice easier to scoop out. Package in color box.  NSF and UL listed.

This NSF safe and UL approved appliance cooks and warms 30 cups or 60 bowls of rice in 30 minutes! It´s one of the leading most reliable rice cookers in the food service industry.

* Serve up to 30 cups / 60 bowls of rice
* Cooks 30 cups of rice in 30 minutes
* Cooks and also keeps rice warm
* Durable white powder coated finish body
* Bright polished finished stainless steel top cover
* Heavy grade aluminum inner cook pot
* Easy to open stainless steel lid with durable handles and sturdy legs