Callebaut Semi Sweet Chocolate 11 lbs Block

Callebaut Semi Sweet Chocolate 11 lbs Block

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Choose the bitter dark chocolate with a touch of nutmeg.
Enjoy its solid cocoa character and pleasant bitterness topped off with hints of nutmeg and vanilla. Recipe N° 835 pairs perfectly with ingredients that have a powerful and acidic taste like citrus fruits, exotic fruits, black cherries, etc.
It is an all-rounder that works well in almost any application.
After melting and tempering, it hardens with a beautiful gloss and a crack that melts nicely in the mouth.


Callebaut Chocolate Block Semisweet 54.5% cocoa (11 Lb)

  • Imported from Belgium
  • High quality dark chocolate
  • Gourmet chocolate perfect for cooking
  • Large 11lbs size