Prep time :10 minutes
Serves: 8 people
Bake time: 25 minutes

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees

1 lb. of Scallops
1/2 lb. of Bacon thick sliced
1/4 C Cuisine Perel Black Fig Vinegar

Baleine Sea Salt
Tellicherry Pepper
Bamboo Picks
Baking Sheet
Parchment Paper


Season scallops with salt and pepper. Cut bacon in half on a diagonal. Roll the bacon around the scallops and use tooth pick to secure scallops and bacon together. Place on a baking sheet with parchment paper. When you put the scallops in the oven get a small sauce pan and put Cuisine Perel Fig Vinegar in pan over low heat until it reduces.  This should be for about 15 minutes or when you stir the sauce it sticks to the back of spoon.  Be careful not to reduce too much if it starts to boil add more vinegar. When the scallops are done place on a platter and drizzle the Black Fig Reduction all over the scallops!!! 


Items in BOLD can be purchased at The Culinary District, Hot Springs, Ar.