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Chef Coat Mesh White Short Sleeves, XL

Chef Coat Mesh White Short Sleeves, XL

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This chef's coat has short sleeves, a traditional style collar, and fastens with eight chef logo buttons. Its double-breasted design protects wearers from burns and grease splashes, and it can be reversed to obscure any unexpected food spills. Designed with a side sleeve pocket, this coat enables chefs to store various small kitchen implements within reach. Double-stitched seams and a durable poly-cotton blend material resist stretching or tearing. To keep the wearer comfortable, a full-length mesh panel and extra side vents deliver exceptional ventilation.

Product Details

  • Size X-Large
  • Poly-cotton blend fabric with reinforced double stitching
  • Full-length mesh panel and side slits circulate air
  • Short sleeves
  • Included sleeve pocket stores vital tools
  • Jacket front secured with 8 chef logo buttons
  • Double-breasted front style protects from hot spills or splashes
  • Classic white