The Unique Cheese and Charcuterie Service Counter @ SurfasOurfull-service cut-to-order cheese and charcuterie counter is staffed witha team of passionate cheesemongers! Our friendly staff are here to helpyou find just the right cheeses, pates, cured meats, and accoutrementsfrom around the world. Check out our gorgeous platters for specialgatherings.

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Hand slicing is a highly skilled art, but allows Prosciutto to be enjoyed in its ancient tradition. It provides a different eating experience than paper thin slices from a machine and the ritual of hand slicing allows you to appreciate the centuries of tradition behind Prosciutto. The slices cut from the knife follow the natural disposition of fibers, their irregularity adds to various sensations to the palate. A good slicing knife has a sharp, long blade that is wide and thick, moderately flexible to adapt itself to the variations of the form of the prosciutto.
Family owned and operated since 1937, Surfas has served architects, chefs, food and beverage professionals, small restaurateurs, large chain restaurateurs, pastry chefs and bakeries, hot dog stands and ice cream shops by fulfilling their food service needs for over 80 years. With a reputation for unsurpassed excellence, Surfas is the premier source for quality in commercial kitchen design and installation. Generations of satisfied customers have relied on their standards of function and beauty in commercial food preparation. A Surfas commercial kitchen is a sign of a quality installation that will last many, many years. The new Los Angeles warehouse sales/showroom at 3225 W. Washington Boulevard is stocked with thousands of items for serious food enthusiasts and professional chefs. All of the elements that created the legendary store are intact in this new home. Considered to be the ultimate source for fine imported and domestic food products, ingredients and culinary items, Surfas is “Paradise Found” for home based and professional chefs.